Welcome to HUB Football, and thank you for visiting our site.

HUB is the 1st substantive innovation to the professional football pipeline in a very long time, and the first significant supplement to the legacy NCAA system.

For generations, professional football, and the NFL in particular, has not had to invest much into their own talent supply chain - the NCAA did the heavy lifting of developing aspiring professional football players. But the supply chain is aging, and the lack of innovation has hurt the NFL product in our view.

And now COVID threatens the existence of an already fragile supply chain.

Aspiring pro football players need, and want, new platforms to show their ability, and we strongly feel that many NFL GMs and scouts know they need different and new access points to ascending talent.

HUB aims to connect elite rising players with professional football teams, principally, the NFL. We aim to build an efficient talent supply chain customized to future NFL players and NFL teams.

We are excited to build the product, and stay tuned for further announcements on our progress.