When the NFL's future stars were in high school, the players and their parents had nearly unlimited choices in how they wanted to develop as players. Some choose to home school and simply hire private coaches, while others play for public or private high schools, with a lot of transfers in between. The players can choose what camps they want to attend, if any.

The power lies with the parents and the players, and it's a system that works well for the very best players - they get to curate their own personal development path as football players.

When they choose to play college football, however, that system ends, the NCAA's starts, and the power of choice for players is eliminated.

The power shifts to college head coaches and administrators, and those individuals aren't concerned with the NFL or the player's development toward the NFL. They're focused on their own jobs and their own careers.

COVID-19 is changing all of the typical NCAA power dynamics. Today, the BIG10 & PAC12 announced the postponement of their respective 2020 football seasons, and these announcements will essentially force their NFL prospects to think of their path to the NFL in completely new ways.

The power will shift back to the players. Some will make poor decisions, but we believe many will make great decisions. Either way, the players will have more autonomy, and more control.

HUB will be one of those options. We are going to build HUB into a reliable choice for their professional development. We're already at work on staging an invitation-only platform event this fall/winter for the very best prospects who have had their college seasons postponed. And since HUB already has support from multiple NFL teams - they are our clients - all participating prospects can be sure they'll be receiving excellent exposure and evaluation.

The pathway to the NFL is finally diversifying. It's a good development for elite players and NFL teams. Everyone finally has more choice.