COVID has wreaked havoc on the country’s college system – so much so that a lot of would-be freshman are considering taking a ‘gap’ year; a year designed to grow in ways outside of the formal education system. Many want to explore their personal interests in different ways, and others want to gain actual work experience.

According to cnbc.com, group of former Google executives, led by former Googler Larry Fong, have noticed, and they’re creating the Xoogler Network – a curriculum outside of the formal education system that’ll allow students to actually train for the jobs they want in the future.

Xoogler will introduce students to a range of future employment roles, including sales and marketing, and the students will have an opportunity to learn and practice the exact skills necessary to fill those roles. Incoming college student James Cashen is a believer. He’s deferring admission into Cornell and will opt for Xoogler. “I still want to get my college degree, but for people like me — I’d want to know what skills I need to work on directly from the people I’d be working for,” Cashen said.

When I read Cashen’s quote, I understood that he’d just neatly summarized what we’re doing here at HUB football with our projected GAME project. College football has its pluses, but the bottom line is that for pro prospects, they are NOT being trained on the skills they will need to perform for their future coaches/employers.

Not every college football player will be a professional. But for those who will have that opportunity, they actually have nowhere to go to train for those skills. I think that going into the future, NFL teams and their coaches will expect young players to come in already possessing the skills necessary to become successful on the first day of training camp. Everything in sports is happening faster now, but player development continues to lag behind.

This is going to change – soon. And HUB Football will ignite that change.